Our Story


Temika Walker is the founder of BlacBeutyNo9, LLC, a plant-based, woman-owned skincare company based in Brooklyn, NY, which launched “B4 UR SKN®'' in 2020. With a BA in International Trade & Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Temika has expanded her expertise by studying at Donghua University in Shanghai, China, focusing on product development and global import/export logistics. Additionally, she brings over four years of experience in the cosmetic industry, equipping her with the essential skills to launch a successful skincare line.

"My Dream. My Life. My Destiny”
- Temika W.



Skin Care Issues. As a child, Temika struggled with dry, scaly skin. Her mother would mix Vaseline and cocoa butter, applying it to her legs at night to provide moisture for the following day. Just as she managed one skin issue, puberty brought the unexpected challenge of adult acne, which was incredibly frustrating.

After 20 years of relying on over-the-counter products that only provided temporary relief, Temika began researching various fruit butters and plant oils. Her goal was to find natural solutions to heal her acne-prone and dry skin.


“After growing tired of suffering from confidence issues resulting from damaged, dry skin and acne prone skin, I used the formulated solution called The Mahogany Hair & Body Butter.” -Temika W.


Dr. Glensford Lester Craig guided her with his spiritual presence to continue a business in beauty and skincare.

Family Roots. Temika's late great uncle, Dr. Glensford Lester Craig, inspired her to pursue a career in the beauty and cosmetic industry, a calling that eventually came full circle. In her early 20s, Dr. Craig encouraged her to join the family business in the beauty schools and hair care industry in Florida. However, Temika had other aspirations and politely declined, aiming to become a fashion model instead.

During her second year working for a cosmetic company, a Guyanese associate introduced her to Crabwood oil. Temika was impressed by its texture and strong, earthy scent. Curious, she consulted her grandmother, aunts, and uncles about Crabwood oil, also known as Andiroba oil in the cosmetic industry. Her grandmother shared the history of the oil, explaining how the natives of Guyana, South America, used it to repel insects while harvesting the fruit from Mahogany trees in the Amazon forest. Her family spoke highly of the oil’s healing benefits and detailed the process from seed harvesting to producing unrefined oil.


When mixing the crabwood oil with other fruit butter and oils, the recipe drastically improved my legs' skin's texture and healed my acne breakouts and facial scarring. -Temika W.


Reflecting on this, Temika realized that Crabwood oil, often considered the "Guyanese Gold of Skincare" in South America, was not widely promoted within the Guyanese American and minority communities in Brooklyn, NY. This insight revealed her market niche. Thus, her journey in the beauty and skincare industry came full circle. Temika felt the spiritual guidance of her late great uncle, Dr. Glensford Lester Craig, encouraging her to continue a business in the beauty and skincare industry, serving her Guyanese family and the broader West Indian community. 

 “The Guyanese Gold of Skincare”
When Skincare Takes Its Course!