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We formulated a unique solution for problematic skin, without using cocoa or shea butter, utilizing only unrefined fruit butters and cold-pressed oils from the Amazon rainforest of our grandmother's home country Guyana, South America

Mahogany Hair & Body Butter
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Our Mahogany Body BUtter

The benefits of this amazing body butter is known for its anti-inflammatories, scar healing properties and keenness for its exfoliation of dead skin of the body including your feet. All jars of fruit butters & cold-pressed oils are non-comedogenic, nice aroma, silky smooth upon application and is an excellent insect repellent. This is a clean ingredient product.

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Ovation’ 2 Better SKN

We understand that luxury is not just about the products. It's about the experience. Embrace the power of nature as you immerse yourself in a world of opulence. Explore our meticulously crafted formulations designed to address the unique needs and challenges caring for your beautiful skin.


Our hand-crafted massage body soaps are formulated to cleanse the skin of unwanted impurities that we encounter from being outside. Each soap has a special and natural aroma therapy of cold-pressed oils, non synthetic essential oils, and baked herbs & flowers. Our soaps will not strip the body of its natural oils, however, it will exfoliate the dead skin from your body and the soap will leave your body feeling silky smooth to touch.


Honestly love it because it melts quickly in both forms. Eczema tends to leave dark marks once healed, your product heals and leaves no marks! Thanks again"

  • I like the texture of the body butter and I will never change anything about this body butter... . using on my feet for a month, I went to get a pedicure and the lady asked what I used because my feet were so soft.

  • I have been using this product since December…my skin is soft, smooth and has no blemishes, pimples or fine lines.

  • After a week of daily use, change in skin texture, after 30 days evening in skin tone for face, neck & hands…amazing product; I can’t wait to purchase a larger size.

  • When I purchased the 8oz product, I like the smell, texture, and consistency of the butter…..I started noticing a difference in my skin within a few days with consistent use. I love this product!

  • The way my skin is glowing after consistently using @b4urskn is beyond me.

  • What first caught my attention was the packaging  and the body butter was not too oily…..I used it on my arms, (elbows) legs (knees) for a month now….I’ve noticed moisture in my hands within a few days of continued use….and I like the natural fragrance of the body butter.

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